Contributions to SomethingDark

critique: “The post-postmodern dilemma”

critique: “Celebrity, spectacle, and cultural crisis”

review: “From this there is no escape”

review: “New York, grime and erotica”

critique: “Lucifer and the light of passion”

review: “Surrealism’s spirit rises again in the City of Light”


Amateur artist and aspiring amateur photographer, professional writer. Three drawings (ink & coloured pencil) in a group exhibition a long time ago, some photographs on a current website.


Numerous commissions for written work, not relevant to SomethingDark.

Public Appearances

Numerous public speaking events, not relevant to SomethingDark.

Education & Training

Ongoing. School of Life and the World. A dash of university along the way actually helped (a little bit... I think).