Contributions to SomethingDark

photography: The Raven

photography: Bird Cage

photography: The Queen

photography: Rokoko 1

photography: Indigo Princess

photography: Black Baroque

photography: Venice 2


2011 Contributing photographer, SomethingDark webmagazine, no. 2, pp. 1, 80–1, 83, 85–93.

Cover image for SDk02 and lead photographer for SDk02's corset feature: 13 pages of photography by, and an article on, the artist.


2010 "Boudoir" (with Danielle Goffa), 19 Nov.–12 Dec., Hangar 311, Mechelen, Belgium.

2010 "Viona-Art", Oct.–Nov., ART.FAIR.21, Cologne, Germany.

Public Appearances

Regular appearances, Gala Nocturna, Belgium.

Education & Training

Masters degree in photography.