Contributions to SomethingDark

photography: Today's Menu

article: “Modern culture: living to record ourselves living so others will say we have lived”; photography: Today's Menu

photography: Fire Hose

photography: Windows

photography: Extinguisher 2

photography: Screen Light

photography: Broken Window

photography: Dark Window

photography: Firestation Corridor

photography: Postbox

photography: Sunlight on the Pavement

Lisa Furness interview: “Portraying the traces of our existence”

photography: Blue Bathroom

photography: City Shadows 1

photography: City Shadows 2

photography: Urban Harmonies

photography: Desk Job

photography: Night City 3


2012 “Construct”, Centrespace Gallery. Bristol.

2009 “Winter Light”, Photographique. Bristol.

2007 “Chocolate”, Severn Shed. Bristol.

Education & Training

2006 HND - Distinction, Photography: City of Bristol College (Bristol, England).

2002 BA Hons, Joint Honours - English Literature and Film Studies: University of Wales - Aberystwyth (Wales).