Contributions to SomethingDark

nonfiction: “The culture of oppression” (part 1)

nonfiction: “Ruinenlust: City and ruin in culture and psyche” (part 1)

nonfiction: “Max Mosley’s war for privacy is now a nation’s”

nonfiction: “The tabloid ecosystem and crimes against society”

critique: “Fantastic economics and the fantasy economy”

interview: “Alan Daniels: Erotic–psychosocial art, life and thought”

review: “Documentary exposes the banksters and their grip on government”

review: “Literature, art, philosophy and… [of course] perversity”

review: “Exploring the final frontier”

nonfiction: “Twenty years later: Mapplethorpe, art and politics”

nonfiction: “Censoring Mapplethorpe in the UK”

nonfiction: “Stilettos: the quintessential fetish object”

review: “Demolishing the ‘impossible divide’”

review: “Celebrating naked femininity… prodigiously”

review: “Look closely: we are all fetishists”


Publications held by libraries internationally.


2016 Event organiser & exhibition curator, “The built environment and urban decay”, SomethingDark in Berlin: SDk03 launch event and exhibition. Ivooo Gallery, Studio & Store, Berlin, 2–11 September 2016.

2003 Artist's agent & exhibition organiser: “Silver in Motion”, an exhibition by silversmith–designer George Paton. Beirut, Lebanon: EspaceSD.

Grants & Awards

2010 The Erotic Awards (UK), Erotic Writer of the Year 2010: John Ozimek, for Beyond the Circle: Sexuality & Discrimination in Heteronormative Britain (Consenting Adult Action Network), edited by Daryl Champion.

Author award for book edited by Daryl Champion.

1995 Australian Post Graduate Award (APA) PhD scholarship, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

1995 Nora Rose Memorial Prize, Politics Department, Macquarie University, Sydney.

Award for the highest overall performance in the 1995 Honours year in politics.

1995 Irwin Hermann Essay Prize in Middle East politics ("National development and religious fundamentalism in Sa‘udi Arabia: A case of uneasy co-habitation").

Australian national Middle East studies award. Judges for 1995: Prof. Michael Hudson (Georgetown University, Washington D.C.); Dr Michael Humphrey (University of New South Wales, Sydney).

Education & Training

2001 PhD, Political Science & International Relations: The Australian National University (Canberra).

1995 BA (Hons), Political Science & History: Macquarie University (Sydney).

1986 Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Alternative therapies/complementary medicine: NSW School of Hypnotic Sciences (Sydney).

1985 Diploma of Remedial Massage, Alternative therapies/complementary medicine: Nature Care College (Sydney).

1982 Journalism, traditional on-the-job training via cadetship: News Ltd (Adelaide) and Messenger Newspapers (Adelaide).