Public Appearances

2016 MC and reading from SDk03, exhibition opening event, “The built environment and urban decay”, SomethingDark in Berlin. Ivooo Gallery, Studio & Store, Berlin, 2 September 2016.

2016 Event organiser & exhibition curator, “The built environment and urban decay”, SomethingDark in Berlin: SDk03 launch event and exhibition. Ivooo Gallery, Studio & Store, Berlin, 2–11 September 2016.

2012 “Is there too much 'freedom of the press', or not enough?”, Sexual Cultures: Theory, Practice, Research. Brunel University, London, 20–22 April 2012.

2012 “Art, censorship and moral hysteria”, public talk presented as part of the Art Erotica 2012 exhibition speaking programme, Gallery 27, Cork Street, Mayfair, London, 21 January.

2010 “On the edge: BDSM and heteronormative denigration”, presentation at the Socio–Legal Studies Association Annual Conference (UK), Gender, Sexuality and the Law stream, University of the West of England, Bristol, 30 March–1 April. (Paper available as a downloadable PDF)

2006 Guest speaker, "Can the situation in the Middle East get any worse? Of course it can!" Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Hereford branch): Hereford, England (26 Sept).

2006 Performance poetry, Lydney Poetry Slam: Lydney, England (21 July).

2005 Expert participant, Workgroup 9, "Terror Financing". International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security. Club of Madrid: Madrid, Spain (8–11 Mar.).

2004 Performance poetry, The Full Moon Club, Bannerman's Bar: Edinburgh, Scotland (9 Sept.).

2004 Performance poetry, “Exposure”, Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Edinburgh, Scotland (19 Aug.).

2004 Organiser & performer, performance poetry events, Torino Express café–bar: Beirut, Lebanon (11 Apr. & 11 July).

1999 Conference paper, "Saudi Arabia on the eve of globalisation: The end of the boom era and socioeconomic change". Australasian Middle East Studies Association (AMESA) Annual Conference: University of Sydney, Australia (23–24 July).

1999 Conference paper, "Foreign aid and defending the rights of Muslims: Saudi Arabia and the genocide of Muslims in Bosnia-Hercegovina". The Centennial of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Conference: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (25–28 Jan.).

1998 Conference paper, "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Elements of instability within stability". Australasian Middle East Studies Association (AMESA) Annual Conference: The Australian National University, Canberra (18–19 Sept.).

1997 Performance poetry, Tilly’s Devine Café Gallery: Canberra, Australia (11 Nov.)

1997 Interview & live-to-air poetry readings, ArtSound FM103.1, Canberra independent arts & music radio: Canberra, Australia (30 Nov.).

1997 Performance poetry, “Poets in the Pub”, hosted by playwright, poet & author Jennifer Compton at the Bundanoon Hotel: Bundanoon (NSW), Australia (monthly).

1996 Guest speaker, "Israel's nationalisms: Secularism versus the religious". The Humanist Society of NSW "Open Forum": Sydney, Australia (3 Jan.).

1995 Conference paper, "The reconstruction of political opposition to Saudi rule in the aftermath of the 1991 Gulf war". Australasian Middle East Studies Association (AMESA) Annual Conference: Macquarie University, Sydney (22–23 Sept.)

1993 Seminar paper, "The demonisation of Muslims". Face to Face with the Crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Moral, Political and Humanitarian Issues, a one-day seminar hosted by the University of Wollongong: Sydney, Australia (29 Nov.).

1993 Conference paper, "Muslims and the media in Australia". Australasian Middle East Studies Association (AMESA) Annual Conference: Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia (2–3 Oct.).