Featured Fetish - You Can Always Look Away by Chris Cook

You can always look away

by Chris Cook

SDk’s designer introduces his latest work and discusses his inspiration for it. In doing so, he speaks his mind on eroticism and the creative process, and comes to what we think is a commonsense conclusion.

The body is a valuable, mouldable canvas, and, undoubtedly, some parts of it are more interesting than others. Whether this be due to the very structure of the skin or to underlying primitive urges, for me, a piece of art is intensified when an erotic element is introduced – because the erotic evokes deeper, more passionate and authentic responses in those who view it.

My work isn’t just a quick snap of a naked body, displayed in a manner in which your mother would probably

disapprove; it’s inspired and brought together with the idea that every viewer of a particular piece will appreciate its subtleties and derive something unique from it. As the pieces I create are often erotic in nature, I find very shallow-minded the perspective of those who disregard it as art because they are unable to see beyond a crude interpretation of nudity. Luckily, it is not for the shallow-minded that my work is intended.

As any photographer would agree, a photograph is a structured thing, made up of a number of elements: the
location and surroundings, the lighting (or lack of) and, most importantly in people-based works, the aura the model brings to the vision. If a model isn’t comfortable and passionate about

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