SDk03 - The Built Environment and Urban Decay

“Obscenity only comes in when the mind despises and fears the body... It is the mind we have to liberate, to civilise...”

D.H. Lawrence, “A propos of Lady Chatterley's Lover”, 1930. ¹


50 / Feature / i

Minotaur! // Howard Litchfield

We once walked the labyrinth of chance encounters and desire in the modern city, and now we find ourselves in unfamiliar digital landscapes where a monster still lurks. All is not what it seems; dangers abound, but the future is in our hands.

56 / Feature / ii

The culture of oppression // Daryl Champion

Beginning in postwar Rome, this first installment of a serialised monograph looks at the rise of the paparazzi and ‘democratic’ celebrity, which, with camera and lens development, blurred distinctions between reality and fiction, and celebrity photography and surveillance.

62 / Reflection

Missing the paranormal in my life // Michael Hemmingson

A highly personal account of the author’s encounters with beings from other worlds. Hemmingson recently decided to tell his story publicly, and SDk03 is where he has chosen to tell it for the first time.

68 / Critique / i

The censorship machine // Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Award-winning author Marilyn Jaye Lewis criticises Amazon’s automated censorship of texts for its Kindle e-books. She argues that, in the digital era, an obsolete standard of morality has been set by default.

70 / Critique / ii

The post-postmodern dilemma // Eugène Satyrisci

Postmodernism is dead, and nobody knows what’s taken its place, yet. While cynicism and nihilism may be waning, Satyrisci sees no such waning of mass culture, which he insists has entered an all-consuming hyper mode.