Background Apocalypse by Hanna ten Doornkaat

For me, a fascination but also a concern with urban chaos or the decay of our contemporary world is no different from artists who in past centuries dealt with the transitory nature of human existence and material life. In one of my favourite paintings, Hieronymus Bosch depicts in his Garden of Earthly Delights what I believe was an allusion to the coming apocalypse, and this was also true for the literature of earlier times such as Dante’s Inferno, a journey through a medieval vision of hell. Both have always been an inspiration for me and I believe that such concerns and visions are related not only to our fear of the unknown, but also with a fascination for the unknown.

Therefore the tumbling buildings and ghostly skylines of my own work, though at first look not heavily loaded with meaning, are symbols relating to an unconscious fear of a coming disaster or, in the terms more generally applied when referring to art, are related to the transience of life. SDk