The Beelitz Sessions - Ulli Richter and Christoph Knoch

remain in my memory as whilst I was shooting, you could actually feel the ghosts floating through the walls checking out what was going on. It was simply a spiritual experience of the highest order! Completely hooked by the concept of shooting fetish play in places of fading architectural beauty, there were several more shoots that year all consisting of my photojournalistic coverage of gay male BDSM play against the backdrop of derelict industrial architecture. Many of these places no longer exist.

Which takes us to the final important aspect of my work. Not only do I strive to bring the spirit of life back to structures left to die – and frankly what could be a higher manifestation of life than sex itself – I also record and thereby preserve them for posterity. We live in such fast-changing times utterly devoid of value and appreciation for actual achievements of the past. I often despair when walking past another long queue of high-tech worshippers close to midnight waiting for yet another game or gadget to shine some light into their otherwise empty lives; so, instead, I choose to retreat with a few good men to the abandoned rooms of my derelict childhood fantasies. SDk