SDk03 - The Built Environment and Urban Decay
Hanna ten Doornkaat /
Lisa Furness / Fred Hayes / Michael Hemmingson / David Hicks / Kedamono / Marilyn Jaye Lewis / Howard Litchfield / Ros Paton / Ulli Richter / Eugène Satyrisci / Supervert / Anne Tourney
Something Dark - Issue 03 - Front Cover by Pete Beck


Cover image:
Untitled (Minotaur series no. 3).
Conceptual art by Howard Litchfield; photography by Pete Beck

Daryl Champion - Editor

Design & Web - Chris Cook

by Lisa Furness
10Article Modern
culture: living to record
ourselves living so others
will say we have lived by Lisa
Furness30Interview Lisa Furness
34Photography by Ulli Richter

50Feature (i) Minotaur! by Howard Litchfield
56Feature (ii) The culture of oppression by Daryl
Champion 62Reflection Missing the paranormal in my
life by Michael Hemmingson68Critique (i) The
censorship machine by Marilyn Jaye Lewis70Critique (ii)
The post-postmodern dilemma by Eugène Satyrisci

72Art by Ros Paton74Article The strange attraction of beauty and impermanence by Ros Paton102Interview Ros Paton 116Art by Hanna ten Doornkaat118Article Metropolis becomes Apocalypse by Hanna ten Doornkaat

130Photography by Ulli Richter132Research Ruinenlust: city and ruin in culture and psyche by Daryl Champion146Article Derelict fantasies by Ulli Richter 160Photography by David Hicks166Article Scooters of Taipei by David Hicks 174Art by Howard Litchfield180Short fiction Word Drawing: Minotaur Story #1 by Howard Litchfield

208Short fiction Social Media Or\ When Shit Happens by Michael Hemmingson214Interview Michael Hemmingson220 Short fiction Into the Squat by Anne Tourney228Short fiction Geoff What by Fred Hayes 232Short fiction Coprophilia for the Masses by Supervert236Interview Supervert

242Infographic Increase in world population and the urbanisation of the planet by Chris Cook

244Vignette Metal Necropolis by K