SDk Literature

I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical – that does something other than sit on its ass in a museum.

Claes Oldenburg, “I am for an art”, exhibition catalogue, Environments, Situations, Spaces, Martha Jackson Gallery, New York, 1961. ¹


208 / short fiction

Social Media Or\ When Shit Happens

by Michael Hemmingson

Social media and those less edifying moments of life…

214 / interview

Michael Hemmingson

Michael Hemmingson fuses unique personal experience with literary influences including long-lost vintage sleaze to write in genres ranging from crime noir and science fiction to postmodern porn. A fascinating insight into the life and career of a distinctive writer.

220 / short fiction

Into the Squat

by Anne Tourney

Budapest provides the setting for this dark, psychological work, by the author of “Stepsister” in SDk01.

228 / short fiction

Geoff What

by Fred Hayes

What do you do when the world is outside and space closes in around you?

232 / short fiction

Coprophilia for the Masses

by Supervert

New York as only Supervert can imagine it.

236 / interview


Supervert, iconoclast, finds truth and virtue where ‘morality’ fears to tread. An interview as only Supervert can do one.