Guggenheim (New York City, 1995) - Architectural Photography by Ulli Richter

Originally from East Germany before the Wall came down, Ulli Richter is now based in Berlin after spending significant time in London. Richter is an extraordinarily versatile photographer whose artistic sensibilities and willingness to transgress are matched by a finely tuned eye for composition and classical proportion, and an equal feel for both humour and drama. All of these qualities are abundantly demonstrated in our selection for this issue of SomethingDark, and evidenced in the placing of separate bodies of Richter’s work in two different sections of SDk03 (and for this reason we would also urge you to view Richter’s gallery, which he curated especially for his SDk Contributor Directory profile).

Many photographers of the built environment and of urban decay choose to portray their subjects devoid of human life. Richter thinks differently, and goes a step further in introducing delightfully outrageous scenarios to the industrial ruins he has loved from an early age: in his imagery featured from page 130 we see life as eroticism set against the backdrop of the constant reminder of inevitable decline.