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Wed 06 Apr, 2011.

Today is the first day of the new UK financial year, and a fitting time for an update on what’s going on here at SomethingDark and what’s happening with the pending release of SDk02, which has set a new benchmark with regards to the challenge it’s posed to our two-man team. We know, as Britain stands on knobbly knees, relying on memories of a fading empire and clutching at straws to claw some of it back, excuses are too often pushed to the fore, and a little weak. So we hope our explanation is a little more substantial.

Much time over the last few months has been devoted to strategising for maintaining SomethingDark webMagazine in the long term, which includes the very finite area of finance and the fact that both Chris and Daryl have to work on other, bill-paying, projects to live in an ever-more-expensive country as well as make sure we stand strong in the event that any curve-ball heads towards the SDk venture.

A great deal of time over the last few months was also spent raising SDk’s profile in the web-publication industry, something, alas, that did not return much on our investment. The results of our efforts are not surprising: industries are industries and web publishing is structured for, and dominated by, the big players, like every other sector of our economic system. With so much time having been directed elsewhere, we’d also been letting SDk02 slip a little; so now we’re tightening our belts and concentrating solely on the task in hand.

As of today, we’re going to be maintaining “radio silence” on the SDk website until SDk02 is ready and in the public domain – meaning we can really get cracking on the final stages of an issue that’s already double the size of SDk01, and that pulls no punches when it comes to cutting-edge content and web design (we now feel SDk01 did pull some punches in some areas, to a certain extent). So we’ve been doing a lot of development work, and working on bringing to SDk02 some astonishing writing, photography and artwork from the likes of Marilyn Jaye Lewis (US), Jenny Boot (Netherlands) and Alan Daniels (UK/US) – in other words, an international mix of established, award-winning and incredible new talent. Let us just say we are straining the thin leash on our sanity to share what we have been building with SDk02.

A “thank you” must go to all who have sent messages of understanding and support; it’s part of the fuel that keeps us burning (especially now petrol and whisky are so expensive), and to all of those who follow us on twitter. We’ll be badgering you soon enough when we want your help in spreading the word about SDk02.

Until then,
Chris & Daryl