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Wed 06 June, 2012.

SomethingDark webMagazine’s editor for North America, Marilyn Jaye Lewis, was interviewed last week on “The Art of Dreaming”, the internet radio show hosted by American writer Michael Hemmingson.

The full interview, "The Art of Dreaming – Interview with Marilyn Jaye Lewis”, has been made available on YouTube, and listeners can expect to hear about “the writer’s life, the publishing industry, literary erotica vs. romantica, the e-book revolution, psychic moments, the 1980s, and the music industry”.

See Marilyn’s SDk profile for a comprehensive overview of her career. Marilyn was our featured writer for SDk02, and links to her SDk02 pieces are in the “Contributions to SomethingDark” section of her Resumé tab (or see the SDk02 Contents page). Besides her ongoing editing work for SomethingDark webMagazine, Marilyn will be contributing a commentary piece for SDk03’s Nonfiction section.

“The Art of Dreaming” goes online weekly on Revolution Radio. Michael Hemmingson is SomethingDark’s featured writer for SDk03; his contributions to SDk03 include a nonfiction article; a piece of short fiction; and an extensive interview conducted by SDk.