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Developing a website such as SDk and the magazine it hosts takes time. That's why we think contributors and others interested in what we are doing deserve to be kept informed on our progress. This page has been designed to do exactly that: to keep you up-to-date as to where we are. We're pleased to have you with us.

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Thurs 17 Nov, 2016.

SomethingDark stands apart from the mainstream media–entertainment juggernaut that seems to exert a vice-like grip on readerships, viewers and listeners everywhere: SDk is not a content-churning machine. Instead, we concentrate on quality: quality of research, of writing, of presentation. In other words, cutting-edge thought, criticism and expression that is in some cases thought-provoking, in others entertaining, in still others challenging (even shocking), but, we trust, always readable.

We’re confident our writing stands the test of time with its relevance and quality; therefore, knowing it’s often more convenient to read offline or outside of a webpage or on another device, or indeed on the printed page, readers can now purchase and download in PDF format a selection of articles from SomethingDark webmagazine. Whether for personal interest or for serious research, owning your own copy can often make sense and is worth the small outlay.

Before being offered as an SDk PDF, all articles are reviewed and all links are verified, and corrections are made where necessary (we also make every effort to update or in other ways compensate for dead links in SomethingDark webmagazine). Additionally, much of our writing in PDF has been revised and updated; and, we intend to offer premium articles – writing originally published in SomethingDark webmagazine that has been comprehensively revised and significantly expanded, as well as new writing that will only be available as an SDk PDF.

In the meantime, if there’s any item in any issue of SomethingDark you’d particularly like to have as a PDF and we haven’t yet made it available as a download, just contact us and we’ll get it to you as soon as possible. All SDk PDFs are offered in both A4 and US Letter formats. So, browse through the articles on offer and select those you wish to purchase, and we’ll then email them to you: we have a new Downloads page accessed from the main menu at the top of our website.

We welcome both individual and institutional use of SomethingDark writing. Commercial media, libraries, those wanting to use SDk material for teaching purposes, and for republishing rights, please contact SDk editor Daryl Champion for permission and fees.

Important notice: Due to our complete redevelopment of the SomethingDark site, the Downloads page has been deactivated. For information on the new SDk, please see our Update items The new SomethingDark is on its way, and Development of SDk v2.0 is moving forward.