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Mon. 12 Dec, 2016.

Last month we began promoting our Downloads page where articles by our contributing writers, artists and photographers are available to purchase as PDFs. Now we have also made available – for free download – the editorials from the first three issues of SomethingDark webmagazine.

The editorials provide an insight into what we’re all about: our raison d’être via a brief commentary on the important issues of our time as well as an overview of SomethingDark contributors, their work, and their contributions to SDk. So the editorials are a good introduction to SomethingDark. They’re also a good introduction to the functionality of our Downloads page: just click on the “purchase” box, fill in your name and preferred email address and the editorial PDF will be emailed directly to you without charge (you’ll also need to specify whether you would like your PDF as an A4 document or in US Letter, as all our PDFs are provided in both formats).

Our offerings in PDF are growing all the time, and yes, you read correctly above: most of the artists and photographers we feature in SomethingDark webmagazine also write for us with a focus on their philosophy, their experience as an artist or on some other aspect of their work. We also conduct extensive interviews with our featured artists, photographers and writers, and many of these are also available to download as a PDF.

It’s often more convenient to read offline or outside of a webpage or on another device, or indeed many people prefer the printed page, so that’s why we’re offering more and more of our material in PDF format. For more information, see our previous Updates item, SomethingDark articles now offered as downloadable PDFs. Or, to download an editorial or three, go directly to our Downloads page.

Important notice: Due to our complete redevelopment of the SomethingDark site, the Downloads page has been deactivated. For information on the new SDk, please see our Update items The new SomethingDark is on its way, and Development of SDk v2.0 is moving forward.