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Developing a website such as SDk and the magazine it hosts takes time. That's why we think contributors and others interested in what we are doing deserve to be kept informed on our progress. This page has been designed to do exactly that: to keep you up-to-date as to where we are. We're pleased to have you with us.

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Development of SDk v2.0 is moving forwardSDk Updates ->

Mon 21 Jan, 2019.

After announcing the redevelopment of the SomethingDark website last year, weve been busy making it reality and are pleased to report its edging ever closer. Thus after a development meeting last week we thought it time to update everyone regarding progress.

Since the last public briefing in SDk Updates weve settled on a design for the new site, which is certainly taking shape; additionally, the daunting task of moving over the current issues and other SDk content to the new platform has begun.

Due to the unique format of the current SomethingDark, article content is distributed across multiple spreads like a traditional print magazine; furthermore, each piece of text, imagery or design on those spreads was hand coded to be in the correct position to work in that format. To be able to launch the new site, we need to undo all of this content positioning for each spread, taking all the code back to core html and then applying the fresh new styles for the new SomethingDark site. Well be honest: this is a gargantuan task, but the results will be worth it.

In addition to the above, were implementing new features for the site, improving contributor profiles and generally making the format easier for all browsers and devices to render the site properly and exactly as intended, as well as ensuring its a format that will grow with us easier, and faster.

Were getting on with it and cannot wait to unleash the new site; and then, of course, cracking on with SDk04 straight away!

Thanks for reading with interest, and thanks for your support.