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New SomethingDark domains reflect our internationalism and an EU without BritainSDk Updates ->

Mon 19 Aug, 2019.

Our from-the-ground-up redevelopment of SomethingDark inspired us to procure appropriately new domains – when we launch the new SDk, we’ll be doing so with, which we recently, finally, were able to secure for ourselves after a very long period of waiting and then negotiating.

Acquiring the universally coveted .com version of our domain has been a long-term goal for us and we are delighted to be announcing this development before we release the new SomethingDark. This domain reflects what will be a new European Order when the United Kingdom, where we are based, leaves the European Union later this year, most likely at the end of October. We’ll refrain from commenting on “Brexit” and it’s mismanagement from the outset, as this is not the place for such comment. Suffice it for us to say that we also regard as a tangible sign of our internationalism, and we regard this as the real reason to celebrate our acquisition.

Additionally, we’re able to reveal at this point that we have yet another newly acquired domain name that will both reflect and project the new SomethingDark even more effectively than our .com domain; however, we’re keeping this one up our sleeve for the time being until we actually release the new SDk – we’ll be making a significant announcement about this at the appropriate time.

Meanwhile, we’ll be making all the changes necessary to switch the current SomethingDark to our .com domain. We’ll be publicising this when it’s completed, and at the same time our .eu domain will cease to be relevant and we’ll be shedding this redundant version of our domain. We will be maintaining our domain for the time being as a pointer to and our other new, significant domain; in due course we’ll also shed

We hope you are looking forward to the new SomethingDark as much as we are: it will be new in every respect.