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Resource: Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism was founded in 2010 and is based at City University, London. It is an award-winning, non-profit organisation that works to produce high-quality investigations for the press and broadcast media.

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Resource: Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF)

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF)

The CPBF is a London-based, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to campaigning for a free but fair and accountable media. It is financed entirely by memberships, grants and voluntary contributions.

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Resource: Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

The foundation established by Robert Mapplethorpe in May 1988 “to protect his work, to advance his creative vision and to promote the causes he cared about”. Mapplethorpe served as the foundation’s first president before his death in March 1989. The foundation’s first mandate was to promote “the recognition of photography as an art form of the same importance as painting and sculpture”. A second mandate was added by Mapplethorpe during the last weeks of his life, which was “supporting medical research in the area of AIDS and HIV infection”.

Image: Lisa Lyon, 1982 © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by permission.

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Resource: Sardax


London-based artist depicting scenes of feminine domination of men, in a broad tradition pioneered by the likes of John Willie and Eric Stanton. Sardax, however, goes literally infinitely further in his creation of rich, mystical fantasy worlds, often drawing inspiration from widely ranging world cultures through time, often not just presenting a picture but telling a story, and often with a touch of humour. One of the foremost, most sought-after fetish artists in the world.

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Resource: Steve Keen’s Debtwatch

Steve Keen’s Debtwatch

Steve Keen is an Australian academic economist and one of the few economists in the world credited with accurately predicting the global financial crisis/the Great Recession. He founded his blog, DebtWatch, in 2006 when he concluded that a serious debt-driven financial crisis was inevitable. DebtWatch is a valuable resource that promotes a new approach to economic theory.

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Resource: Tank magazine

Tank magazine

Versatile and innovative London-based cultural magazine presenting an integrated, international perspective of culture. Founded in 1998, and with a global readership, Tank encompasses, among other fields, the arts, design, architecture, fashion, literature, current affairs and politics. As they say, Tank “seek[s] to be informed, articulate and original”.

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Resource: Washington Project for the Arts

Washington Project for the Arts

The Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) strode the US national stage in 1989 when it took on the Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Moment touring exhibition after the prestigious Corcoran Gallery of Art cancelled its showing at the eleventh hour in an attempt to side-step a political and arts-funding controversy over socially challenging art. An independent, non-profit organisation, the WPA gained the respect of the art world for its dedication to its mission, which it states as “presenting contemporary art through imaginative and provocative programs, and in connecting artists with the community in traditional and in unexpected ways”. Established in 1975.

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